Ep. 255 Blippi is Sonny Shine!

This week was an in-depth exploration of the dark world of children’s entertainment. Blippi is the real life Sonny Shine and Barney is a tantric sex scam artist. Buckle up, this one’s a wild ride!!!

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Ep. 254 Pants Alligator

Have you ever had an alligator in your pants? Yes? Then you’re probably from Florida! We also talked about priests and their sick fetishes, naked basketball, and ever so much more. Enjoy it!!!!

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Ep. 253 Pod and the Realm-y

We spent a decade of our lives with Game of Thrones, so this week we Mind Topix-ed the hell out of it! We also came up with some spin-offs to help you cope with the loss and ’twas high times in “the realm” of Weird News also, chums! Enjoyeth!!!

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