Ep. 202 Fat Boyfriend

Oh friends, won’t you join us for some fun this week? We chatted about the tears of our youth, a man with secrets (from his grandma), a crazy dead dentist, a super long McDonald’s masturbation sesh, and oh so much more! Love ya, enjoy it!!!!!

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Ep. 200 Mistress of the Night w/ Alien Al

200?! Yes, it’s true, we have spoken into microphones for you 200 times!!! And in honor of this momentous (?!) occasion, we are giving you the thing you want the most… ALIEN AL!!!!! Yes, he’s back, with his tales of the night sky, fond memories (or lack thereof) of his children, & jokes that are too dirty for church. Enjoy this!!! We love you and appreciate you listening to this silliness for the last 5 years. You make our hearts sing!!!!!!

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A comedy podcast by an idiot and her brother.