Detonation Complete

Well, it’s that time of the week again… Time to neglect my household duties for who knows how long, let the things that need to be done around here scream at me as I pointedly ignore them, and type my little fingers to the bone.

I must admit that I have been absolutely dreading this week’s blog. I feel like what I’m about to do is the emotional equivalent of showing you all my horrible naked body or something. I would never do that to you, don’t worry… After all, you wouldn’t be able to read my blog if you went blind. Or mad. Or both.

So, here I go, about to detonate my dream bomb and then sift through the wreckage of my possible mortification. Incidentally, I felt I had been using the word “humiliation” too much and thus looked it up in the thesaurus… Mortification has sort of a ring to it, don’t you think?

I know I am drawing this out to a ridiculous length, but really, I’m super nervous, cut me some slack!!!


The thing I have always dreamed about doing that I am going to just go for, try, possibly fall on my face in public, can’t wait to do (yet it makes me nauseous to think about), and that could forever be a source of embarrassment for me is…

I sincerely hope it lives up to the hype, but I realize that the more I hype it the less likely that is… Especially when several of the guesses of my loved ones were much more interesting and important. Things such as going into politics, writing a book, or trying to become the next Taylor Swift (Can you tell I’m stalling? No, of course not, I feel like I’m being pretty subtle).

Anyway, my dream is:

Stand up comedy.

Ridiculous? I know. Crazy? Most likely. But I’m doing it anyway.

I realize it’s kind of a strange thing for a chubby stay at home mother of two to dream of doing, but I can’t help it. I realize this next sentence is the cheesiest thing anyone has ever written, but I feel it in my heart. I have been obsessed with comedy ever since I can remember. I have been rolling this around in my head, picturing it, and okay, I’ll admit it, secretly writing comedy bits in a notebook labeled “MANDY ONLY!!!” for years.

Side note, the strangest thing about the notebook (aside from it’s existence) is that a notebook labeled “MANDY ONLY” has somehow managed to acquire an alarming amount of children’s drawings in it… Ah well, as long as the kids don’t read my crazy ramblings and tell their father that he is fodder for my comedic barbs I can’t object too much.

So it’s out there now… My poor little dreams are just shivering in the cold without the safety of their secrecy clothes.

I thought maybe you all would like to see the journey so I’m going to write about it. Not every blog mind you, cause that would get boring. But the culmination of this journey (God, I’m making it sound like I’m taking the ring to Mordor or something) is going to be me performing at an open mic night in Billings and posting the video for you guys to watch. They have one every Wednesday and the date I am shooting for is April 4th… I need to give myself time to prepare, but I don’t want to set it out there too far into the future or I may chicken out. Actually I’m feeling a little chicken-y right now….

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! I’m freaking out!!!

But I think that’s a good thing.

3 thoughts on “Detonation Complete”

  1. Sounds awesome, can't wait to read about it! Falling on your face is better than never trying (second corniest thing ever written?). Have fun!!!

  2. Hey good for you I kinda knew you always had it in you, I hope you can take some of my life lessons from high school and put them to good use. Definitely getting a great vibe… I totally want to there

  3. I have total faith that you can do this! I know the feeling of putting a dream out there in the world and being scared as hell as to whether it would flourish into a reality or not. But as I'm typing this in my very own salon I know its possible to fully realize your dream. I'm super glad you shared this with your readers and friends. Anyone that knows you knows you've got a sense of humor. I can't wait to see the video post. ❤

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