Facebook, I Love Thee

I feel like stay at home Moms have a different relationship with Facebook than the rest of the world.

It’s not just a “social networking tool” or somewhere to indulge your narcissism or a place to catch up with friends.

It is a lifeline. It is a shining beacon of hope and reassurance that there is, in fact, a world outside of this house. A world full of people… People who have conversations… People who get dressed in real clothes and leave their houses to do things… People who aren’t three feet tall and constantly screaming, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

There are times during the winter months when I am literally (well, not literally, but in all practical application), trapped in my tiny house with my two extremely loud children. No escape, no way out, no one to smooth down my frazzled hair that is standing on end and reassure me that everything will be alright.

It is during these trying times, when we are feeling friendless and alone, standing at the border of Crazy Town and McNutville, that we turn to Facebook.

Yes, it sounds silly, but Facebook takes on a new sense of gravity when it is your only link to the outside world. There are elements in it that cannot be found in the daily life of a stay at home Mom (or at least in the daily life of this one) that at a certain point she craves.

Drama, adventure, pictures of cats, political debate, cryptic semi-sinister status updates!!! It’s all there, just waiting to be checked up on when you take your lunch break. And by lunch break I mean five minutes sitting at the computer while snarfing your food because your children are momentarily silent and still.

Some people avoid drama and political debates (let’s face it, nobody avoids pictures of cats), but I relish them… I relish them with relish, that’s how much I relish them. Not my own drama or political debates, of course (other than the drama created by girl children, which is considerable, but not terribly enthralling), but other people’s.

I see a controversial political opinion and I am clicking on that thing like a cricket in the summer… Um… I think I just made up that analogy (not even sure if crickets actually click), but you get the point. Have you decided to post an open letter of a status update to someone that’s pissing you off? You now have a devoted reader of your posts, me… And keep ’em coming, because I crave drama like a Mandy craves carbs… Which is a LOT.

I know it’s horrible, but I can’t help it! I am a curious sort (some may call it snoopy) and Facebook has provided me a little window into people’s lives that I am not above peeping (okay, staring) into. Friends of friends that leave dramatic comments? Oh yes, prepare to be peeped on. On Facebook. Not in real life. I’m not a peeper in real life.

Again, I know it’s horrible, but I have a valid excuse… The general drudgery and boredom that seeps into one’s bones while doing housework and laundry requires an outlet. Not only for me, but for the health and safety of all that dwell in this house. That outlet is Facebook. And yes, you may be judging me for all my peepy snooping and saying that I have no life of my own and that’s why I so love the Facebook drama of others… Um, yeah, of course! That’s sort of the point.

So please, if you are thinking about posting something nasty about someone who pissed you off… Do it. For my sake.

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