Hello my sweet, sweet friends!!! It’s Firnecast day!!! Whooooo!!! You might be asking what that means, and with good reason. Well my darlings, it is a podcast my brother and I will be releasing and putting up this evening. It is on our podcast site,, and we will be submitting it to Itunes. Hopefully you can download it on your ipods in about a week, but until then you can enjoy it through the site.

Will people like it??? I really really hope so. Will everyone like it? Definitely not. The content on the podcast is much more, um, well, dirty I guess, than my blog is or ever will be.

That being said, there are a million reasons to listen to The Firnecast. It’s really funny, it’s got a kick ass opening song courtesy of Hillbilly Herald (check them out, they ROCK!!!), it’s got Todd Misomelius, Dan Firnekas, and me, me, ME!!! Talking into a microphone, which as you know from last week’s blog is a dream come true. Since there are a million reasons to listen, I’m not even going to attempt to entice you by listing them. That’s a lot of work and I have kids to raise. Instead, I am going to do my due diligence and list the top 5 reasons you should definitely not listen to The Firnecast. If you fall into one or more of those categories, um, just think about maybe listening to This American Life on your ipod instead and continuing to read my blog, of course!

Top 5 Reasons NOT to Listen to The Firnecast:

1. You are a hobo. The Firnecast may include content that is offensive to hobos and those that love them.

2. You are offended by things. If you are offended by things, The Firnecast may not be the podcast for you. Topics such as perverted Japanese vending machines and the contents therein, Todd’s seductive buffalo dance, and necromancy are offensive to some, and with good reason. Also, a few little cuss words here and there. If I weren’t such a terrible person I might even be offended by such talk myself.

3. You are my Gramma. If you are my Gramma, you might not get a kick out of listening to your granddaughter talk about your hatred for the band Twisted Sister and all it stands for. I love you, Gramma, so very much, but it was hilarious how upset you got at Dan for possessing a demonic mix tape of bad 80’s hair metal.

4. You are Jim Davis’ biggest fan. If you love the articles in our local paper written by Jim Davis, aka The Sage Up 15 Mile, you may not enjoy The Firnecast. His May 15th article may or may not have been lampooned during the podcast, and he may or may not have been referred to as “senile” and a “racist,” which his fans probably wouldn’t appreciate.

5. You don’t enjoy laughter. It is possible that The Firnecast will make you laugh if you let it. It made me laugh, a lot, audibly, and that may annoy you. If you have a broken rib and can’t laugh for medical reasons or if you don’t enjoy the sound of my laughter, best to skip The Firnecast.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of stardust and podcast dreams.  Thanks for reading!!!

Firnecast 01 with Todd Misomelius

This week’s episode is the very first itty bitty baby Firnecast!  Our guest is town man/local hero Todd Misomelius.  Topics include pervy Japanese vending machines, mean dance chaperones, sensual buffalo dancing, and God’s behind.  Enjoy!  Please!

P.S. Our amazing intro/outro music is by Hillbilly Herald.  They were so kind as to give us their permission to use it and we are eternally grateful.  Check them out and download on Itunes!
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Welcome to the Firnecast!!!

It’s happening, it’s really happening… The inaugural podcast will be going up on Itunes this Friday for you to stick in your ear holes.  And I think you’re gonna like it.  Or I hope you will.  This week our guest is Todd Misomelius, the town man in Ten Sleep and all around hobo fire lighting badass.  If you like people talking over each other and the hilarity that ensues, you’re going to love this episode.  We get into some weird news, weird stories, a little bit of local color, and even a sprinkling of  religion (in a funny way).  A little disclaimer, we talk about all kinds of stuff, some of which you might deem inappropriate… I have no way of knowing what you think is inappropriate, so if you’re a sensitive soul, perhaps this isn’t for you.  Oh, don’t worry, it’s nothing that bad, just a few rubber butts and cuss words.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy our little comedy podcast, and if you do please follow us on Twitter @firnecast, be sure to subscribe on Itunes, and write a review.  Rumor has it that the ratings on Itunes are determined by a combination of downloads and reviews, so do that.  If we get famous, we’re taking you all with us!!!  It’s gonna be champagne and smelly cheeses from here on out!!!  Podcast to stardom!!!