Hi my dear, sweet, beautiful friends!!! I would LOVE to do something a little bit different with the blog this week, but I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Sorry, am I being too dramatic??? I have a tendency to overdo it sometimes… Anyway, I would love to take some questions for this week’s blog and answer them in my own special way!!! But I can’t do it unless you submit them!

So, ask me anything!!!

Advice questions, questions about the blog, the podcast, something random that popped into your head, stuff you don’t think I could possibly have an opinion about, ANYTHING!!!

It’ll be super fun, I think!!! You can submit them at my e-mail, or if you want to remain anonymous, you can just leave them as a comment below and submit it as Anonymous.  Fair warning: I may or may not be making up fun aliases for everyone who submits a question.

I hope you all get a kick out of this, I’m excited!!! Unless nobody asks anything, and then I’m sad.

Lots of love to you my beautiful angel friends!


3 thoughts on “SUPER HAPPY QUESTION TIME!!!”

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