Extension Request

Hi friends!!! Yes, I said it, I’m claiming it as my own, you are my very own blog friends!!! I know I’m late getting the blog out… And, in fact, the blog really isn’t even out yet.  I’ve mostly got it finished, really I do, but I have a problem. 

I decided to have a dumb yard sale tomorrow and spent most of my blog time today getting everything ready for it because I’m greedy and I want that money.  It is now 12:20 and I’ve been working on finishing my blog but I’m so tired I can’t tell if it just sounds like the ramblings of a crazy person now. 

I cannot in good conscience post the thing because I’m so looped with exhaustion.  So I’m not posting it until I can look at it with the eyes of a person who has had at least 1/2 a pot of coffee…

I swear, upon all that is holy, that I will have my blog out for you tomorrow.  A day late, yes, but more glorious than you could ever imagine.

Wait, scratch that… That’s maybe overstating it a bit. 

It’ll be good though, readable at the very least…  Really will. 

Love you friends, and goodnight.  Also, if I spelled something wrong, please forgive me, I’m not my normal good speller self tonight. 

Muah!!!! Muah, muah, muah. MUAH!!!

Ep. 3 Wiggle Stick Reunion w/ Jamy Cabre

Depraved birds, Zombie Apocalypse, dumb peanut-eaters, and the long-awaited reunion of “famed” Ten Sleep band Wiggle Stick (including a humiliating rendition of their “hit” song Friday Night), this is an hour of your life you’ll never get back! But you won’t mind much. Our guest this week is belly-dancing nurse extraordinaire Jamy Cabre.