Ep. 16 Vagina Dentata

On this week’s episode we talk ankles, improv, and giant trucker butts.  We will forever ruin a beautiful song for you, stand up for women’s topless rights, and interview famed grumpy traveler Kyle Weaver for another addition of “Places to Avoid.” We’ll make you giggle if you let us, so do that!!!



3 thoughts on “Ep. 16 Vagina Dentata”

  1. At one point you guys were talking about twitter, I mean you guys talk about twitter a lot but one of you specifically said “stick it in the firnecast twitter” *it being a question, I think. Anyway, I have a friend last year who told me when she was little, her mom wouldn't say vagina. So when her mom would ask or say something about her “twitter” mom was talking about her vagina. Now a days my friend can't hear the word “Twitter” without thinking about her vagina. Since sharing that story with me I can't think about the word twitter the same either. And when I heard you guys say “stick it in the firnecast twitter” I about died laughing… *DIED!!*

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