Ep. 13 Nowoodstock Preview!!! w/ Pat O’Brien

That’s right friends, it is Nowoodstock time in our fair land!!!!!! We’re giving you a preview of our amazing local music festival with its co-creator, Pat O’Brien… We talk a little music, a little (okay, a lot) penis-shaped animals, and a little lengthy uncomfortable hugging… Oh don’t worry, we also talk about kicking old ladies in the face and stopping traffic with sex dolls!!! Get it in your ears!!!



Forgive me!

My darlings, I will not be posting a blog this week…

I have decided to take a week off for “summer vacation.” I’m sure you could all use a break from me!!! Haha!!! I’m sorry for leaving you hanging this week, but my little brain is getting mushy from the heat and being so unbelievably busy the past few months… I’m worried that if I don’t let it cool off for a week, smoke will start coming out my ears!!!

Anyway, thanks so much for reading my nonsense, and I have some really weird stuff all queued up for you for next week, so GET READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love to you all, and may the vacations of your life take you, at the very least, out of your house (unlike some bloggers you know)!!!

Dark and Hard w/ guest Sarah Frary

Ready to get a little wild and crazy this week??? I knew you were… Hang on tight for a wet and wild audio adventure with tattoo artist/artist/reluctant ghost expert Sarah Frary!!! Old man penis tattoos, the joys of larping, local porn freaks, and maybe even a little bit of pickle knowledge will be dropped inside your brain this week. LOVE IT!!! Or don’t, but please pretend you do.