Ep. 24 Jam Jar

“Hey Gramma, listen to this filth!” is a thing you might say to convince her to listen to this episode of The Firnecast! If she does, she will also hear some bad Willy Nelson impressions, a lengthy Prometheus rant, and she may end up feeling dirty afterwards… But it’s worth it for a good laugh, Gramma!


Ep. 23 The FEARnecast!!! w/ guest Sarah Firnekas

It’s time for a super spooky episode of your very favorite podcast!!! We talk about sinister double mustaches, how to make alien repellent, and the piercing God gave you. Also, Mandy and Sarah reveal the many, many bizarre things they’re scared of, thus creating a new fear: that everyone now knows what they’re scared of. Beware this episode, for it will chill your penis to the core!!!