Ep. 29 A New Low

Warning: This episode is not just explicit… It is double explicit… It is explicit in a way that makes Mandy truly uncomfortable. Why? Well, listen and find out, if you dare!!! Coconut testicles, more bad English accents, and butt teeth are just a few of the high-brow topics we discuss. Enjoy? Well, try to anyway!


Ep. 28 Hooha Bomb!

It’s worth listening to this episode just for the bizarre mouth-related story… It’s also worth listening to this episode to find out how many monocles a penis needs and what Dan’s new hit single is called. Enjoy this episode. Enjoy it good!!!


Ep. 27 The Warmest Mittens

(Warning: Walking Dead spoilers contained in this episode) “My body is a change machine,” is just one of the hilarious quotes you’ll enjoy if you tune in to this, the 27th episode of The Firnecast.  You will also be enlightened about some very special homemade mittens, the wrong kind of massage, and mullet tops. Also, Alan Rickman joins us for a few minutes. Get on it (listening to this, I mean)!!!