Ep. 32 Bodily Gasses

What could be finer than sharing your day with a couple of men in suits discussing bodily emissions? Absolutely nothing, we say! So join us for this, and much, much more. Topics such as nipple sunglasses, Chinga Chavin, and dead cats in boxes will fill your ears with fun!!!


Ep. 31 Jingle Balls

In this very special Christmas episode, you’ll find us discussing such heart-warming holiday topics as hillbilly porn, wall balls, and Kim Jong 2: The Sequel. Let us in your ears to sing inappropriate Christmas carols, roast some chestnuts, and make some merry!!! It’s like egg nog for your soul!!!


Ep. 30 Ghost Log

The time has come for us to break the glass on our “emergency episode”! We’ve been saving this one for a special occasion, and lucky for you, this is it! Our very special guest Joe “Joey Boots” Barbuto is back to tell us about his days as a fedora-wearing ghost hunter.  We also talk about scary sex dolphins, Scientology bunkers, and Japanese boob prejudices. *Note* Some of our squinches and news stories may be a teensy tinsy bit outdated, but you’ll enjoy them anyway! Or else!!!