Ep. 41 Robot Jesus w/ Special Guest Matt LeRoy

This week the beautiful and talented Matt LeRoy of Dead Men Talking and Vamp Cast joins us to talk about the important things in life.  By that, of course, we mean that we talk about Transformers 2: All Robots Go to Heaven, swooning Dan, and the greatest cause of all: Sluts Unite. We couldn’t let the Dead Man himself get away without a little Walking Dead talk either, so you will enjoy that!!! Yes you will!!!


Ep. 40 A Bit Much

We’re getting just a little creepy this week as we talk about celebrity lady pillows (and other parts), the hardness of fellow podcasters, and public nudeness (or lewdness).  You’ll also be hearing Chubby Checkers sing about his wiener and Sean Connery trapped in a jar. You can’t miss out on that amazingness! Can you? You can’t.