Ep. 39 Pope: The Musical

This episode has a little bit of everything for you! Singing Popes, half human horse babies, lady pouches, and good old fashioned balls!!! Not those kind of balls, you pervert. Okay, it is. Balls are funny and everybody knows it. Put this in your ears now, I say! NOW!!!


Ep. 38 Breast Crest

It’s time to hug your favorite hillbilly close and cuddle up for a discussion about topics such as: what Dan does at the urinal, the secret meaning of milk carton arrows, and blue waffle hauntings. Oh, you’ll get an earful this week. Yes you will.


Ep. 37 BRODY STEVENS vs. The Vacuum Drinker

This week we have a very, very, very (did I say very?) special CELEBRITY guest, comedian Brody Stevens (The Hangover 1 & 2, Due Date, Enjoy It! on HBO)!!! We ask him about all the important topics: comedy, movies, facial hair, and riding on Zach Galifianakas’ scooter. We also regale you with charming stories about bippy boppers, wrinkled prostitutes, and what happens when you accidentally kiss your aunt on the mouth. ENJOY IT!!! #YES #PUSH