Ep. 44 With New Firnecast Member MIKE MOORE from WHEELBARROW FULL OF DICKS

Oh get ready!!! You get ready, people! We have a shocking announcement, plus all kinds of fun topics! What topics, you say? The necessity of balls, execution diapers, and pooping. Lots and lots of pooping. You will love this AMAZING GIANT SIZED episode!!! Or else.



Ep. 42 The Molestation Bus w/ Special Guest Frank Branches

A normal sized episode just can’t contain the still-beating heard of Wicked Radio Network, Frank Branches.  We had too much wind breaking, Pabst Blue Ribbon can throwing, trucker flashing, and ankle penis-ing for just one hour.  You’ll thank us later. Or maybe you won’t, but we won’t care. We had fun & you will too!!! Or else.