Ep. 56 The Firnecast Diet

This week we float the theory that Ted Nugent’s ponytail is hiding something sinister. We also reveal Dan’s porn star name, talk about our beloved Doug Stanhope, and shamelessly mock a very nice deceased man with an unfortunate name. You don’t want to miss this (unless you hate laughter)!!!


Ep. 55 Tittoo w/ Sarah Frary

It’s an episode full of whiskey induced rambling with our wonderful, special, amazing guest tattoo artist Sarah Frary!!! Mandy will give you excellent advice about using the toilet, Dan will give you flirting lessons, and Sarah will mix philosophical life lessons with hilarity for the best damn mind cocktail you’ve ever had! Stick around til the end to hear your big chance at a free tattoo of epic proportions!!! You can’t not enjoy this. Unless you’re against fun. So enjoy it!!!