Ep. 60 Drinky Poo

Jesus Camp is a place where children are being raised as veal for extremely large evangelists and bats are beaten to death with Bibles for making the mistake of flying in the building during church service. Not only do we tell you about our alarming experiences there, but we also talk about the time Dan was assaulted by Donald Duck, the Black Paula Deen Paradox, and boogers (unfortunately). Enjoy it!!!


Ep. 59 Death on a Truck Door

Did you know that Walmart is the closest thing we have to a kink club in Wyoming? Do you know where freshly squozen tequilla comes from? Did you know that Dan once drank hydraulic fluid? If you did know these things, then you amaze me in every way. If you didn’t, then join us this week for a time of learning, and hopefully a little fun too! We love you and want your ears to love us back! Squinch!!!


Ep. 58 Jumpin’ Death Darkhorse

There’s more than “meats” the eye to this week’s episode, that’s for sure! We’re talking about an amazing piece of our family history, nipple belts, and wieners… Always wieners. We’ll also update you on one of our favorite “Ladies of Weird News,” and Mandy’s “character” Melinda may stop by for a visit. “Perhaps” I’ll use more quotation marks¬† in this description as well! You will enjoy this, if you let yourself!!! P.S. Stick around for this week’s Easter egg & find out what The Riddler Laugh really is!