This week we talked about 44 key pianos covered in baby powder, salamander cooking, and ghost busting wieners… And then something happened… Suffice it to say that we were ambushed on our own show… You guys will just have to listen to get the details on the hijinks!


Ep. 64 Impromptu Live Show Debacle!

That’s right, we decided to randomly do a live show this week! You will be hearing us unedited and uncensored (which is not necessarily a good thing)! We talked about our impending boob grabbing adventures at WickedCon 2014, a gentleman who enjoys a good fork in the ween, and we present you with the latest installment of THE BLACK PALADIN!!! It’s fun (ish) & free, so why not, right? P.S. Stay tuned for the Easter egg to find out one of Mandy’s worst fears!