Ep. 69 Heh, heh, 69

Why do clothes become so confining when you’re on drugs? Why would would a man ever give up his custom-made lady part couch? Why does our Gramma have a room full of severed Cabbage Patch doll heads? Find out the answers to these questions, and be disturbed beyond measure on this week’s episode of…. THE FIRNECAST!!! Enjoy it!!!


Ep. 68 EpicPeenQuest w/Grant Lahaie

We are joined this week by the beautiful and talented Grant Lahaie of EpicPodQuest and Mad Mixology fame! We forced him to create drinks for us, describe his friend’s penises, and say many, many things he will later regret. Join us for an EpicPeenQuest full of sticky Skittles, razor blade cock rings, and many other adventures! Peenjoy it!!!