REDUX Ep. 68 EpicPeenQuest w/ Grant Lahaie

***Hey friends!!! We are re-posting this most excellent episode with a wonderful guest, Grant Lahaie of EpicPodQuest! Due to technical difficulties with our original posting, this never ended up on iTunes. We cannot let that tragedy stand, so here it is, in all its glory!!! Hope you love it (you will)!!!***

We are joined this week by the beautiful and talented Grant Lahaie of EpicPodQuest and Mad Mixology fame! We forced him to create drinks for us, describe his friend’s penises, and say many, many things he will later regret. Join us for an EpicPeenQuest full of sticky Skittles, razor blade cock rings, and many other adventures! Peenjoy it!!!

Ep. 76 Squidward Testicles

We’re bringing the thunder this week, folks! Not only that, but we’re also bringing you tales of naked poncho wearing ninjas, flesh pockets, and Mandy makes a hilarious kangaroo joke. There’s a lot of singing, a lot of cursing, and a whole lot of good times on this week’s show. Enjoy it responsibly!!!
P.S. Next week we will be re-posting our show with guest Grant Lahaie because of the technical difficulties that prevented it from being posted when it was originally released. We will also be taking the week of Thanksgiving off, but we will be back with a brand new LIVE episode the 1st week of December! Love you!!! ♥