Ep. 82 Taco UFOs w/ Alien Al

Alien Al is back, baby!!! He answers your questions, explains to us the mystery of the taco-shaped UFO, and tells us tales of ranch life, evil chickens, and what it was like to be conceived in a sheep wagon. We also conned him into rapping for us again, and lemme tell ya, things got weird. We had so much fun, we hope you do too! Enjoy this!!!


Ep. 81 Carpet Python

There’s weird, and then there’s eeeewwww!!!!!!… As usual, we dip our toes into the pond of eeeewwww!!!!!! We discuss the most pleasurable types of cheese, naked darting, Dan’s horrifying trip to prom with my friend, and we crown Miss Gun in Her Vagina 2014! Enjoy it!!!!