Ep. 90 Erect-icon

It’s a strange week for us (as usual) when we have a surprise last minute fill in for our beloved Producer Jay… We find out what the camel of the sky is, what happens when you zafferize malt liquor, and the consequences of sending a child to school with no pants on. We sincerely hope you enjoy this!

Ep. 89 Slim Pickens Goes to Vegas

Vegas, baby!!! Oh yeah, we just can’t keep our traps shut about our big adventure to Sin Town! What made Dan cry, what made Mandy cry, and what does it feel like to have the fingers of the world pointed directly at your crotch?! Listen and find out!!! Also, we’re visited by a ghostly presence while we record, we talk about Mandy’s issues recognizing faces, and Dan floats a theory about that Malaysian plane. Eeeenjoy it!!!