Ep. 99 Pobody’s Nerfect

Inappropriate is our middle name this week when it comes to our in-depth discussion of race relations. Not only that, but we give you our best advice about conversational farting, God’s blind spot, and ways to spend your manzillion dollars! Please to enjoy!!!

[audio http://www.mediafire.com/download/rkdayfs4xlja77f/99firnecastfinal.mp3]

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Ep. 98 No-Ner

Grab your sugar Grandma-Ma and settle in for another exciting episode! This week is just stuffed full of hilarious yet sophisticated topics like urinal creepers, mystery poopers, and penis lips. We also bring back everyone’s favorite raffle of humiliation, Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner! Please to enjoy this!!! We love you!!!

[audio http://www.mediafire.com/download/n63sy4ktsp95rm8/98firnecastfinal.mp3]

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