The Lonely Ladies Wine Club, Ep. 328

Grab your wine, kick your man out of the room, and listen to the latest episode of The Lonely Ladies Wine Club! This week we get s.a.s.s.y.! in our usual fashion, with Shannon’s adventures atop a 47 lb, well, we’ll let you find out! ;), tips to spice up your love life, and a very special edition of Boob Aches!

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Ep. 105 Boobs Akimbo

As usual, the only people we are amusing are ourselves… With things like the tale of Dan’s lost nipple, the creepiest thing to whisper, our talent for getting blown off by celebrities we want to interview, and a little known vacation destination called Masturbation City. Join us, won’t you? In love, in life, in laughter. We love you, and please enjoy!!! Muah muah muah!!!


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