Ep. 103 Body Gravy

A few gems of wisdom nestled amongst our usual filth… Don’t make sweet love to wooden objects; if you’re going to have a lawn made out of carpet, roll it up for the winter; and always, ALWAYS put your pinky out while drinking your meth tea. Also we talk about other messed up stuff… We say the proper names for genitalia a lot, the usual. Love you, please enjoy this!!!

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Ep. 102 Sugar Dick

Back from summer break and “better” than ever!!! Mandy reveals that she is actually a Hodor-like character called “Bone-or”, Dan tells a harrowing tale of reverse racism, and we are mystified by the love lives of the people in our Weird News stories. Please to enjoy!!!!! Love you!!!

[audio http://www.mediafire.com/download/zud20o7cunp702y/102firnecastfinal.mp3]

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