Ep. 108 John Lehr Has a Case of Hysteria

Quick Draw your ears close and listen to the tale of the amazing John Lehr! We talked to him about his awesome show Quick Draw on Hulu, what Christina Applegate smells like, and Producer Jay pitches an amazing idea for Season 4 of the show… Spoiler alert, the board it got written down on was imaginary! Enjoy this, we love you for listening!!!

[audio http://www.mediafire.com/download/b4smtwh1z6psb8l/john_lehr_interviewFINAL.mp3 ]

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Ep. 107 Penis Territory w/ Sarah Frary

We’re getting philosophical on your ass this week, with super special amazing friend/guest SARAH FRARY!!! She is an extremely talented artist/tattoo artist from Ten Sleep, and we chat with her about stuff like lawn chair humping, salmon snagging, and what it’s like to have a molecular meltdown at Salmonstock. Check her out at www.facebook.com/spiralunwinding and be sure to tell her we sent you! Enjooooy, friends!!!

[audio http://www.mediafire.com/download/gbeyo814s7clbg8/107firnecast.mp3 ]

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Ep. 106 Internal Sunshine

Dan is back from paternity leave and filthier than ever! He upset us by telling us he was going to knit a sweater for his ween out of his own pubic hair, and then we talked about this other stuff… How to find our inner sparkle, the legacy of Robin Williams’ hairy body, and Amelia Earhart’s terrible plane crash with the Lindbergh baby.  Hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks for listening with your cute little ears!!!

[audio http://www.mediafire.com/download/klanj7rr08kmpza/106firnecastfinal.mp3 ]

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