Hey Dad

Hey Dad….how would you like to do an Alien Al Blog on the Firnecast? I have quietly pondered this question and of course I don’t mind helping my kids if I can, but what in the world would anyone want to follow my blog for? I have thought that if I start it should be with some over the top contemplation’s. It’s nice to think about, but attaining it may be another story, so let me begin. I will finish this thought at the end of this beginning story.

My children Dan and Mandy have coined the name Alien Al for me on their Firnecast show. This name comes from no less than four separate UFO sightings I have personally experienced, all with at least one other individual along with me at the time. You no doubt will have heard these if you follow their podcast. I am sure if you listen you have noticed I should avoid a career as a rapper, however it seems to be an enjoyable segment for them and hopefully the listeners.

Now on to what I hope will be a worthy beginning to the Alien Al blog. Mandy tells me “don’t mess it up dad”, lovingly of course. Just having passed my sixtieth birthday, this newspaper article caught my eye. I want to share it here.

From the Daily News in Worland WY.

Rise Knight

My father and mother have a place of the highest honor in my life. They both have worked hard all their lives and I thank them both for the life lessons they have passed on to me. They have demonstrated care for their fellow man (and woman as the case may be) through countless hours on the volunteer fire department, and local ambulance as EMT’s.  Anyone who ever asked for help or a handout as far as I know was never turned away from their door empty handed. This may pertain a little bit more to my Father just now but as in the article above; some of the lessons that serve me best came from dad. Some seemed a little hard at the time. Growing up on a ranch meant as a kid as soon as you were able you helped out. My dad taught me to work hard and that alone, has served me as well as anything else. When it came to roping, riding, or any of the other day to day activities of ranch work it was expected for you to pull your weight. I remember one day at a branding fire a couple grown men were waiting for the next calf to be brought up to the branding fire. I was waiting also but hanging back a little because the calf was larger than most, dad standing nearby noticed this and came over. “Don’t let someone else do your work for you, you make a hand of yourself”, insisting that I get in ahead of the grownups. Making a hand of your self was meaning I should apply what I already knew how and what to do. That single lesson has reaped lifelong benefits for me. Many in the modern workforce are not willing to step up and “make a hand of themselves” they will hang back and let someone else do it or do just enough to get by.  This lesson is the reason I was promoted to where I am at the place where I presently work. It pays to step up.

My Dad is eighty three years old and has not  worked as a cowboy for a number of years now, at least on his ranch. He still owns his half of the ranch, but due to family dynamics moved us away when I was fifteen years old. His life and breath was being a rancher, a cowboy, as he will ever be, but it seems God had another path for him to follow. He did whatever it took and with many different jobs. He defines honesty, integrity, and character. He is presently Mayor of the town of Ten Sleep, and works full time for another company. He just completed construction of a 40 foot by 60 foot garage on his property where he installed his machine and welding shop equipment. He moved all this from the neighboring city where he had his own business. He is not showing any sign of slowing down yet. He is still “making a hand of himself” as he would expect his own children to do.

My father’s words may not have had the flowing resonance of the French language as in the article, but around the cowboys and ranch being known as a good hand is about as high as the praise ever gets. In my book that equals knighthood. Good Hand.  It has been my honor to have known many “Good Hands” in my life, especially my own Dad. Thanks Mom and Dad for all the life education you have passed my way. You are over the TOP!

You will no doubt catch on that I’m not really a writer but I have been known to tell a few stories now and then. If you took time to read this thank you! I am amazed but thank You!

That’s all for now folks.

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