What is it?

Hello, fellow sojourners who are interested in UFO’s.

Since my children have dubbed me, “Alien Al”. I thought perhaps another short story I know you have not heard would be in order. The sighting of an object that fits into no normal category in our mind immediately grabs our attention. It’s like “Hey this is weird”. There are scoffers, plenty of them. There are disinformationists, plenty of them. There was a story of a sighting of a UFO years ago and people were told it was probably just swamp gas. Gimme a break! You’ve got gas! The person doing the sighting no doubt lived there long enough to know swamp gas if indeed they saw it! The same goes for the people seeing these things out on our ranch and surrounding area. They were familiar enough with the area to know weird when they saw it. I don’t doubt that this technology is kept under wraps.

I have seen on four separate occasions in my lifetime things that fit into the UFO category. On each of those occasions I was accompanied by someone else.Those sightings are talked about in the podcast episodes of my guest spots on the Firnecast.

I had the privilege of growing up on a remote and rugged ranch in Wyoming. It is 27 square miles in size. The Hole in the Wall of outlaw fame is located there on the north west side, and in the 1970’s many UFO sightings occurred in that area. These sightings were made by my family members, local ranchers, and Sheriffs deputy’s out on night watch looking for cattle rustlers. They also found one mutilated Steer. The steer had been not only mutilated, but they found parts of tree limbs and l think pine needles stuck to the carcass. Investigating they discovered a short distance from the carcass a tree where the steer had been dropped through the branches. The veterinarian examining the animal noted the precise surgical cuts.



I used to go out to the ranch for the yearly branding, and sometimes just to look off of that big red wall. It is majestic. On one of those visits I was up near the Hole in the Wall on the north side. I was walking around looking for old buffalo skulls, horns, or perhaps an arrowhead. While walking around in the sage brush and grass I saw clumps of a very stringy silvery material. I remember seeing this in several places. I wish now that I would have taken a sample and kept it. This was in the 70’S the early days of four track tapes, then eight track tapes. This material was different than the magnetic tape I had seen in tapes. I had never seen anything like it before. I have never seen its like since. Could it have been related to the UFO activity that persisted in that area for years? Yes I said years. This material might be best described like the shredded paper we dispose of these days only cut much thinner and stringer. It as I said was silvery in color, I handled it, it was very light. Now days it would perhaps remind me of party popper strings or something, only finer. An alien party? I have no idea what it was as there was no reason for any trash to be in the area. I have still never seen anything like it and that was over forty years ago. I didn’t handle it much being a little cautious about that sort of thing.

UFO related, I dunno. Strange definitely! My dad told me that out on the ranch they used to find partial strings of 50 caliber machine gun rounds laying around. The air force used to fly training missions across that way and were not supposed to come back with unused ammo so they would toss it out. When the men were out riding they would pick it up. I actually got into trouble for playing with one of the strings of about 20 rounds I found in the shop when I was a kid . It had been tossed over a rafter and hung there forgotten. They were live rounds. Was this silvery material something left over from a more modern training mission? I will most likely never know……

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