The Beer Hunter

Beerfest here in Bismarck is a little bit like a birthday and Christmas all wrapped up into one. I look forward to it for months in advance and always take the day off of work just because I’m pretty sure the day would be a waste anyways, what with all of my excitement.

This year I decided to be more prepared.

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Bossy Booty

I tell my kids to do things all the time… All day, every day, the poor dears. Sometimes I explain the reasons for my constant bossing, sometimes I don’t, but I started thinking about the “real” reasons behind some of my decrees, and I wondered… What if I was completely honest with my kids about the reasons I make them do things?

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Hey Dad

Hey Dad….how would you like to do an Alien Al Blog on the Firnecast? I have quietly pondered this question and of course I don’t mind helping my kids if I can, but what in the world would anyone want to follow my blog for? I have thought that if I start it should be with some over the top contemplation’s. It’s nice to think about, but attaining it may be another story, so let me begin. I will finish this thought at the end of this beginning story.

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