The Desire To Write

In a cave hunched against the cold outside a man sat in a flickering firelight. He was clad in animal skins, and his hair was matted and tangled as it hung over his shoulders. He stirred, smashed, and ground in a crude bowl a substance which he studied intently. Satisfied with the mixture he dipped his index finger in and reached toward the cave wall. After a few dips of his finger the shape of a crudely drawn bison took shape on the wall. The figures of four men were added and a hunting scene took shape. Spears then were placed to show the triumphant conclusion. Satisfied he wiped his fingers on one of his leather leggings and smiled. A good day.

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Ep. 113 Dusty Clam

It’s not the usual this week, it’s the extra special brain lint clearing chit chat hour!¬† We scoop the detritus off our brains and dump it directly onto our dear listeners! What’s in this gooey mess? Celebrity Penis Match-Up, we try to sell each other on QVC, and naked old ladies! Okay, the naked old ladies thing IS the usual, but the rest is allll fresh! Enjoooy it!!! Muah!!!


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