Ep. 118 Older Women Make Beautiful Lovers

We’re back, baby!!! Back with the hot topics (What does Kermit’s finger smell like? What does old lady love making sound like? What percentage of men actually jerk and drive? ) you’ve been waiting lo these many weeks to hear about! We missed you, hope you missed us!!! Muah and eeeenjoy it!!!! ♥

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Ep. 117 The Dinklage Scale

This week we are uncut and unedited for your pleasure! We got a little political, but we also asked some pretty important philosophical questions… Does Beyonce have a penis? How many years does it take to earn a degree in Cigarette Stocking Technology? Is there a real game called Fluffy Bunny or did Mandy just make it up? We’ll give you the answers and perhaps get you to ask a few questions yourself, such as “Why? Just why?” if you’ll only listen to this here episode! ♥

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