Ep. 137 Sugar Chicken

Snuggle close to your favorite sugar chicken and get ready for a particularly silly show… One of the most embarrassing poems in the history of Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner is revealed, a jockey loses his pants, and we find out that there is a bone you just can’t adjust yourself. Enjoy it!!!! ♥

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Ep. 136 Wiggle Wiggle Waggle

The game show everyone (Mandy) loves, Firnecast Filth Feud, is BACK this week and better (worse) than ever! Not only that, but we chat about Jay’s elaborate nether grooming habits, a new character called Herpe the Hippo, and we debut a new drop on the soundboard that will blow. your. mind.! Enjoy, you can’t help it cause it’s fun!!!! Yay!!!

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Ep. 135 Heritage Valley Beaver Hospital

“I can feel my eggs swelling,” is a quote from Dan that you will only fully appreciate if you listen to the show! You can also fully appreciate the dangerous combination of fire ants and nudity, what Madonna’s mouth tastes like, and the best damn beaver hospital in the country! Enjoooy, loves!!!! ♥

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