Ep. 140 ToiletSnakeApocalypse

In addition to in-depth conversation about the most pressing, urgent danger facing our generation (the scourge of the toilet snake), we also talked about these fine things: the feature film Dumpster Baby, heroic bear punching, and Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner. But mostly the snake thing. So join us on the road to great adventure and listen! And enjoy! Muah!!!

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Ep. 139 Fuzzy Headed Conqueror

Hold on to your chakras and get ready for some stuff this week! That’s right, stuff. This stuff: toilet snake apocalypse, in depth coverage of the Game of Thrones controversy, and the similarity between coffee beans and lady parts. You will enjoy this, most likely! Yay!!! ♥

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Ep. 138 Fundle

Not only are we clearing out the brain lint this week, we’re setting that sh*t on FIRE, just like grandpa taught us!!! We answer the following supremely important questions: “who does “it” better, Kurt or Billy?”, “what would happen if Mandy went to Burning Man, took peyote, and found out her spirit animal was a hippo?”, “what’s a twat punch?” Enjoyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs! Kisses!

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