Ep. 001 Boner Time

Well, folks, Dan has abandoned us this week so Jay, Jim, Jim’s extremely offensive friend Treesap, and I did whatever we wanted! We lashed out at Dan because we missed him, we interviewed Treesap and were horrified by the results and repudiate them with all our hearts, and generally had lots of fun! You will enjoy this! I know you miss Dan and we do too, but we’ll make ya laugh if ya let us!!!

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Ep. 142 Cock Weight

The best/most accurate way to measure tallywhackers, having a bee fetish, and the complicated matter of public pooping are just a few of the topics we discuss this week… Other topics we don’t write in the description for fear you’ll judge us. It’s a mystery. A mystery you can only solve by listening. So listen! You’ll enjooooooy it!!!!!!! ♥

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Ep. 141 Cahoots!

Oooh, there were some cahoots going on this week. Big time. What cahoots and who was in them? Oh, you’ll find out… Aside from the cahoots, there were terrible revelations made about the entire male gender and we discuss the eternal consequences of self-pleasure (hand babies!!!). Enjoy please!!!

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