Heads are just for making goofy noises, the great stupid person accent controversy of 2015, our grandma’s rockin bikini body, and so much more await your ears this week!!! Get this in your ears quick, before it’s gone! Enjooooy!!!!!

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Ep. 150 Ding Dong Tallywhacker

We celebrate our 150th episode the right way, by barely acknowledging it. We also do a lot of singing, introduce the most amazing presidential ticket of all time, discover Dan’s one true talent in life, and give you the lessons in morality you so sorely need if you are listening to this show. ENJOY, because we love you!!!

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Ep. 149 My Wuzzit

Flatulent guys deserve employment, too! Not only that, but Donald Sutherland pronounces bosom weirdly, there is an American Association of Nude Recreation, and the Duck Dynasty clan is NOT full of wisdom. Enjoy this episode, won’t you??? Muah!!!

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