Ep. 175 Gus & Schmalbert

Delve into the racial politics of an 8 year old’s birthday party, a lady becoming one with a toilet seat, and the interview of the century with former Donald Trump spokesperson John Miller! Also, John Barron makes an appearance, and Donald Trump himself shows up… It got weird. We had fun. Enjoooy!!!! We love you!

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Ep. 174 The Hump Game

We start off this week with the mighty c word, so who knows how it will end?! Well, we do because we were there, but you have to listen to find out! Here are some other things you will find out: the types of games a future murderer might invent as a child, how to identify poison in a pussy, and why superheroes are such amazing seamsters (seamstresses?!). And more! Enjoooy it!!!

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Ep. 173 Die With a Boner

We had a song in our hearts this week, along with the usual filth. We also had an in-depth discussion of the coolest letter (it’s clearly z), some super racist middle schoolers, and deadly genital spider bites. Join us, and enjoy!!! Enjoyyyy!!!

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