Ep. 187 Nards

Ready to giggle? Then this is the show for you!!! We dissected a true crime case involving a tuna can and a penis, possibly blasphemed the holy spirit (haha, not really Lord, please let us into heaven), and hot conservative lady meat. Enjoy, we love you!!!!!!!!

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Ep. 186 Ponycycle

*Trigger Warning* If you are triggered by the gentle coughing of a beautiful lady recovering from an illness, this is not the episode for you. Mandy had a slight case of the coughs and it could not have angered Dan more. Aside from that, we chatted about elderly vaginal dryness, hooking for burgers, and virginity pledges. We love you, sorry for the coughs!!! Squinches!!!

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Ep. 185 Parallel Disturbia

Dan is back in town and this podcast is back in your hearts!!! We talked about the usual stuff: old lady dildoos, The Joy of Pooping, easy ways to check if your spouse is cheating (it involves balls), and so very much more. Aren’t you glad there’s a new show out?! I am, I missed it! Please don’t give up on us friends, I know we’ve been inconsistent lately. Dan’s work schedule will even out soon & we’ll get back to our regular schedule! Love you! Squinches! Bye!!!

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