Ep. 190 Saving Jingle Balls

Meeeerrrryyyyy Christmas, ya fucks!!! We ho ho hope you are having the best damn holiday it’s possible for your little heart to have!!! Because we adore you, we have done the unspeakable. We have subjected ourselves to Rotten Tomatoes’ Worst Movie Ever, the 0% rated Christmas abortion called…. Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. Yes, we did. Just for you and your precious holiday entertainment. So please, listen to this show so that our sacrifice was not in vain. Happy holidays (oh yes, I went there!)!!! LOVE YOU, BYE!!!!!

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Ep. 189 Pornography Scrapbook

Oh, hey there! Welcome to the show where we talk about losing touch with our youth, Lyle Menendez’s bald pate, frogs that look like scrotums, and oh so much more! We love and respect you!!! Muah, kisses, hugs, loves, squinches!!!

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Ep. 188 Poop a Penis

Oh God. Really? We talked about some things… Like toilet snakes (scourge of humanity), perverted landlord love making, the vast web of conspiracy encompassing the globe (#pizzagate) and ever so much more! Join us, won’t you? And forgive us for we have sinned. Love you, bye!!! Squinches!

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