Ep. 198 Jack Wang: Private Investigator

We chitted and chatted about a great many things this week, some of which were: guys and guns and where they put them in a pinch, drunken canines, morning wood, and oh so much more! Please enjoy this! Please! Love you, squinches!!!

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Ep. 196 Puking Balls

We had a time this week, oh honey! We chatted and gabbed and gabbed and chatted about any number of things, some of which are: an old lady’s ever growing pornography stash, a felonious cleaning lady and her warted son, Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner, and so on and so forth! Please to enjoy! We looooove youuuuuu!!!! Squinch!

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Ep. 197 Dingleberry

It was a bit of a loosey goosey this week as we case off the shackles of our dreary format and just chitted and chatted away! We took a little tippy toe dip into Memory Lake, made fun of people trying to sell used medical toilets on the internet, and got into some major creep territory on Craigslist. Enjoy it, we love you sweetie snoos!!!!!

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