Ep. 217 Spooooookyyyyyy!!!!

Oooooo, booooooo, scaaaaaryyyyyy!!!!!! Be warned, friends, this show will frighten you to your very core and chill your sweet, loving bones!!!!! Fun serial killers and haunted places and the scariest topics your brain can handle! Oooooo!!!!!! 

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Ep. 216 Harry Hole

This week Dan stomped on Mandy’s dreams (no surprises there), The Fattening, how many horny pervs live in your neighborhood, and of course a greased up guy in a thong. And oh so much more! Squinch! Love you, bye!

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Ep. 215 MAGA

We got ever so political this week, like the socialist libtarded snowflakes we are! We also talked about permanent boners, had an impromptu Bible Drill, and gave you the local Color you’ve been craving from small town Wyoming!

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