Ep. 248 Chup

This week, we explore a topic so haunting, we may never be the same… The sound is still echoing in our brains… And it will echo in yours, too. In a fun way! We loved this episode, hope you do too! Squinches!!!

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Ep. 247 Mr. Wiggle

A lady ended up with a damn python in her shoe, there’s a real guy named Pastor Kumm, and you don’t even want to know about the Squirt Bandit… That and so much more on this silly little show we do just forĀ you. Enjoy it!!! Muah.

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A Tribute to Brody Stevens

In honor of late comedian Brody Stevens, we are reposting episode 37. Brody was gracious enough to be a guest on our show when we were just starting out, and we were really sad to hear of his passing. Brody was an incredible and unique comedic talent and we feel lucky to have had the chance to speak with him. Rest in peace, Brody. Enjoy it!

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