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Raised on a remote rugged ranch in Wyoming to be self sufficient. Family oriented, unceasingly curious about many subjects.Always in awe of nature. I work hard at watching other people work hard. Best job I've ever had( supervision) I grew up working in the ranching business, worked in the oil fields, the bentonite mines, and the last thirty years the sugar industry...... sweet job!

The Desire To Write

In a cave hunched against the cold outside a man sat in a flickering firelight. He was clad in animal skins, and his hair was matted and tangled as it hung over his shoulders. He stirred, smashed, and ground in a crude bowl a substance which he studied intently. Satisfied with the mixture he dipped his index finger in and reached toward the cave wall. After a few dips of his finger the shape of a crudely drawn bison took shape on the wall. The figures of four men were added and a hunting scene took shape. Spears then were placed to show the triumphant conclusion. Satisfied he wiped his fingers on one of his leather leggings and smiled. A good day.

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What is it?

Hello, fellow sojourners who are interested in UFO’s.

Since my children have dubbed me, “Alien Al”. I thought perhaps another short story I know you have not heard would be in order. The sighting of an object that fits into no normal category in our mind immediately grabs our attention. It’s like “Hey this is weird”. There are scoffers, plenty of them. There are disinformationists, plenty of them. There was a story of a sighting of a UFO years ago and people were told it was probably just swamp gas. Gimme a break! You’ve got gas! The person doing the sighting no doubt lived there long enough to know swamp gas if indeed they saw it! The same goes for the people seeing these things out on our ranch and surrounding area. They were familiar enough with the area to know weird when they saw it. I don’t doubt that this technology is kept under wraps. Continue reading What is it?

Hey Dad

Hey Dad….how would you like to do an Alien Al Blog on the Firnecast? I have quietly pondered this question and of course I don’t mind helping my kids if I can, but what in the world would anyone want to follow my blog for? I have thought that if I start it should be with some over the top contemplation’s. It’s nice to think about, but attaining it may be another story, so let me begin. I will finish this thought at the end of this beginning story.

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