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The Beer Hunter

Beerfest here in Bismarck is a little bit like a birthday and Christmas all wrapped up into one. I look forward to it for months in advance and always take the day off of work just because I’m pretty sure the day would be a waste anyways, what with all of my excitement.

This year I decided to be more prepared.

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‘Getaway’ from this movie

(Sometimes Producer Jay likes to rant about a movie he has watched recently. These are generally older movies available on cable or Netflix, so he will not worry himself, or you, with spoiler alerts.)

Do you see how thrilled Selena Gomez and Ethan Hawke look in that photo? That is the same level of thrill I had while watching Getaway. Bored constipation is how I’d describe it.

This movie had been sitting on my DVR for a long time. Maybe a month, maybe longer. I figured a leisurely Saturday afternoon was as good a time as any to watch this “thrill ride!” It’s more suited for nap time.

Basically, somebody was stoned while watching somebody else play Grand Theft Auto and thought, “Hey we should make this into a movie!” Which seems like a fine idea, but instead of driving around stealing cars, committing crimes and beating up hookers*, you know, the fun stuff from GTA, we get all the annoying parts of that game or any game. People calling you when you have better things to do, like beating up a hooker*. People giving you obvious instructions like “drive faster” when you obviously know you need to drive faster, because you have to get to that hooker and beat her up before she calls the cops!* Continue reading ‘Getaway’ from this movie