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Oh, hello there! Allow me to introduce myself! I have a couple of super adorable amazing kids, a super adorable amazing husband, and a super awesome life! I also love the words super, adorable, and amazing! I'm a huge comedy nerd, and I've even tried stand up comedy... I love listening to podcasts, reading, and all kinds of other stuff. The more I write about myself, the less interesting I seem, so, I'm done now, and the rest... IS A MYSTERY.

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Producer Jay

Producer Jay is the hardest working unpaid producer that the Firnecast has ever had. He likes lazy kittens and bears with bowties and snakes with hats and all manner of squirrels. Sometimes he likes to review movies that haven't been in theaters for a really, really long time. He would probably like to be your friend if you promise not to yell at him. Follow him on Twitter @ProduceJay

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Raised on a remote rugged ranch in Wyoming to be self sufficient. Family oriented, unceasingly curious about many subjects.Always in awe of nature. I work hard at watching other people work hard. Best job I've ever had( supervision) I grew up working in the ranching business, worked in the oil fields, the bentonite mines, and the last thirty years the sugar industry...... sweet job!

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A comedy podcast by an idiot and her brother.