Ep. 199 The Genghis Khan Diet

Oh, folks! We have a show for you! We regale you with tales of a man named Dilbert, the misadventures of a woman named Bowditch, and the sex diet of a man named Genghis! We had fun and we hope you do too! Muah! Squinches!!!!!

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Ep. 196 Puking Balls

We had a time this week, oh honey! We chatted and gabbed and gabbed and chatted about any number of things, some of which are: an old lady’s ever growing pornography stash, a felonious cleaning lady and her warted son, Mandy’s High School Poetry Corner, and so on and so forth! Please to enjoy! We looooove youuuuuu!!!! Squinch!

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A comedy podcast by an idiot and her brother.