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Heads are just for making goofy noises, the great stupid person accent controversy of 2015, our grandma’s rockin bikini body, and so much more await your ears this week!!! Get this in your ears quick, before it’s gone! Enjooooy!!!!!

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Ep. 139 Fuzzy Headed Conqueror

Hold on to your chakras and get ready for some stuff this week! That’s right, stuff. This stuff: toilet snake apocalypse, in depth coverage of the Game of Thrones controversy, and the similarity between coffee beans and lady parts. You will enjoy this, most likely! Yay!!! ♥

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Ep. 130 Patches the Marijuana Clown

It’s a wild one this week, folks, so hold on to your butts! We discuss the so-called “marijuana stores” in Colorado, Mandy getting called fat by a guy who has to wear a helmet, and a very special guest drops by to give Dan alcohol and Mandy nothing. Eeeenjoy!!! It!!! Enjoy it!

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