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Ep. 168 Jackin’ for Jesus

What’s the best way to celebrate Leap Day? How can a person get accidentally possessed by demons? Is giving birth really that hard or are women just huge pansies? We answer all these questions, and so many more… So tune in & ENJOY IT!!!!!!! Muah, muah, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, squinch!!!!

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Ep. 161 The Dickening

We are just full of good advice this week! Stuff about how to commit murder on Justin Bieber, how to spend your Powerball winnings, and how to avoid the deadly trap of buying the Playboy Mansion. Also, we introduce our fun new segment, ‘MERICA!, which we hope will bring you just as much joy as it brings us. And butts and inside out vaginas and the usual stuff, too! Enjoy!!!! ♥

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