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Ep. 195 Tipsy Teacher

Oh, friends! We had a time this week talking about the untimely death of a guinea pig, a human breast-obsessed raccoon, Iron Fist (ing), ranking serial killers by hotness, and oh so much more! The results may surprise you (mainly because Dan has bad taste in men)! Enjoy, we love youuuu!!!!!

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Ep. 172 Sex Demon

The vast Prince conspiracy, the dangers of lady whacking, and making the choice between drinking breast milk or dying are just a few of the scintillating topics we cover this week. We’ve also included a some content you can normally only get when you listen live!!! Tune in, drop out & for God’s sake, Eeeenjoy this!!!!!

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Ep. 153 God Pocket

Ideas! We’re just full of em!!! Ideas about how Charlie Sheen aquired his AIDS (and how to cure it), what to name a lady’s downstairs, and why Mickey Mouse’s ears are shaped that way (he loves tits)… Also other stuff that you will definitely ENJOY!!!

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