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Ep. 222 Pooper Villain

Guys, there are bad people in this world. People who will poop in your laundry. People who will fight you with a dildo. People who will draw penises in children’s cartoons. This episode is about those people. We do hope you will enjoy it. Squinches.

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Ep. 219 Mr. Noodle

We crap all over cute kid’s shows cause they deserve it, the ways in which church will ruin your understanding of common words, and ever so much more! Thanks for listening, we heart you!!!!!!

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Ep. 174 The Hump Game

We start off this week with the mighty c word, so who knows how it will end?! Well, we do because we were there, but you have to listen to find out! Here are some other things you will find out: the types of games a future murderer might invent as a child, how to identify poison in a pussy, and why superheroes are such amazing seamsters (seamstresses?!). And more! Enjoooy it!!!

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