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Ep. 224 Cinnamon Pube

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!!! We are bringing you all the nog and cheer you need this week, with a very special edition of everyone’s favorite game, Blood or Semen?! We also talked some Christmas crime, poopy pants, and played a drinking game! Love you, hope your holiday is merry & bright!!!!

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Ep. 164 Farts & Danger

This week Dan bestows us with the glorious gift of song! Not only does he sing show tunes, but also rather obscure, exceedingly filthy 90’s girl group soul songs. We also talk about the sexual feelings old timey mountaineers had towards the Grand Tetons, Bugs Bunny’s overt racism, and the differences between rural drinkin and city drinkin! Join us, won’t you? Love you, enjoy, muah muah muah!!!

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