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Ep. 201 Cloaca Kiss

Get your noodlin’ gloves on, friends, and join us for some fun! This week we talked about bird lovemaking, a man’s romantic McDonald’s tryst, man-eating deers, and oh so much more! It’s a fun one! We love you! Muah!!!!

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Ep. 133 4 SknLuv

Wowee! This show was chocked full of things to horrify and appall you! We analyze circumcision rituals, find out the newest slang terms for drugs from our good friends over at Scientology, and we have a follow up on that weird old man from Craig’s List that wanted you to bring him truckers to rub. Listen, and EEEENNNNJJJOOOOYYYY IIITTTT lovedy do you all! Derp derp derp!

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Ep. 131 Pussy Fingers

Boy howdy! This week’s episode was filled with all sorts of nonsense that we are just SURE you will love to pieces. We revisit our energy drink manufacturing friend, discuss a lady with vagina berries on her finger tips, and debut a new segment, Grandma’s Porn! Listen, and enjoy, won’t you! Love love love and squinch squinch squinch! Blah! That’s how Mandy usually writes these things, right?

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